Hire talents faster and better
with our technical interviews

{ Benefits }

Increase the speed of recruitment
And reduce the time for technical checks of candidates by up to 99%
Free your senior developers from the burden of screening candidates
Your team can now focus on creating added value for your business.
Minimize the risk of erroneous hiring with
A unified and transparent evaluation system that makes it easy to compare candidates with each other in important parameters.
Minimize the risk of losing good candidates due to
The need to wait for the interviewer to be free or too time consuming homeworks.

{ Who conducts the interviews }

Our verification process is designed by the top programmers in the industry. It has been polished on a large number of candidates. These same programmers will interview your candidates.

{ What do we check }

Our approach to technical
interviews allows us to verify:
Ability to solve problems in close to real conditions
How a candidate behaves in a time pressured environment
Ability to perform a task from the first time
Theoretical knowledge
Ability to estimate the task in time
Knowledge of tools, frameworks, ability to apply architectural patterns

{ Who we are }

The company was created by combining the efforts of two enterprises. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in selecting programmers and building strong teams.
11 years in the IT outsourcing market, more than 30 complex projects of medium and large size have been developed.
6 years in the IT recruiting market.

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